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Creating Change in your business or your life is about creating the choices to grow. Performance is an outcome of our values, beliefs and our strategies for excellence.

With progress, growth and results as your outcome, you need active and invested support from a creative change initiative that looks to give you all the tools and resources you need to optimise your performance and increase your result.

We are focused and driven towards supporting our clients with the best of our resources, the breadth of our expertise and the depth of our passion. This is our purpose, and with an energetic approach of empowerment and innovation, we create results, and we help build the choices to grow. But it is you that must take them.

headerimage2Trainer of NLP, Communication Consultant, Performance Strategist and Coach

With a firm belief that a fulfilling life is a balance between science and art, Amu Chandra has carved an eventful career as a coach, mentor and entrepreneur, and enjoyed a variety of versatile experiences, with an approach to life that sees him creating a nuanced method of being both scientist and artist. Engineering systematic models and formulae to drive and accelerate progress and yield effective results, whilst simultaneously embracing the immersion into the pursuit of cultural, artistic and human experience, that revels in opening the boundless unconscious into bountiful streams of creativity and celebration, he consistently demonstrates the intricate masterpiece that is life, and explores the bounds of experience.

To Amu, consciousness is a fruitful ocean of beauty and opportunity, and human enjoyment and success comes from bravely embracing this captivating experience, and immersing in it’s wonder, opening the unconscious realm to limitless opportunities, whilst sharpening the conscious intelligence, bettering scientific and systematic understanding of life, to create an organised, effective and empowered life, that is both manageable and fun.

An NLP Trainer and Hypnotist, trained by maestros in the field, he is a skilled and charismatic master of his craft, creating change and empowerment through precise methodologies and an expansive, innovative approach to powerful underpinnings of tradition. With sharpened intuition and deep understanding, he passionately pursues the desire to assist and train others to transform results and expand performance.

Driven by the pursuit to analyse, understand and structure communication models, he consults and coaches in communication strategies for individuals, teams, businesses and leaders.

With a focus on health and wellbeing, he passionately concentrates and coaches on personal enhancement through an impressive range of methods and techniques, and a vast and versatile underpinning of knowledge, weaved in philosophical guidance. Being a performing musician since adolescence inspired him to understand the importance of inner creativity, exploring the realms of creativity and expression, further fuelling his belief in the innate human ability for personal enhancement.

His beliefs in the intrinsic links between neuromuscular composition and anatomical health with psychological wellbeing, mental states and life progression underscore the essence of his wide-ranging approach that provides an entire solution to cater to the individual on a multitude of levels, dealing with communication, intellectual potential, learning power, health and wellbeing, posture, state of mind, personal relationships, breathing techniques, mindfulness techniques, nutritional habits, career progression, intellectual life and spiritual growth.

As an entrepreneur he runs businesses, trades stocks, and consults. He has a proactive approach to management and leadership, and generously seeks to help his clients and colleagues to the best of his ability, arduously seeking to give.

An avid an experienced Yoga practitioner, Amu has been a keen follower of the path of Yoga for some years, and aligns his entire personal experience within his yogic path.

With a busy schedule, he carefully picks his clients, and those he seeks to help or mentor, wanting to give his full attention and guidance to those keen to progress, and those with an inherent passion that stands out.