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"Amu is a true leader in the world of NLP and personal development. He combines expert knowledge with a natural charisma that is quite intoxicating. Amu inspired me to do greater things with my life. He is the most motivational person that I have met. I strongly recommend Amu for anyone looking to maximise their potential and get results."

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Ben Wilson

"Amu is an energetic and passionate NLP trainer and presenter. His training style is direct and powerful. His easy approach can captivate audiences at any levels. Amu also has a very firm knowledge of different uses of NLP techniques. Amu is a great NLP trainer and presenter."

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Eva Kwong

"Amu is a warm and engaging Trainer who can build rapport with all audiences he works with. He is confident speaker and someone who you can trust to deliver outstanding content."

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Nicola Willis

"Amu is a powerful communicator and public speaker who easily engages with audiences of any size. As an accomplished trainer of NLP, Amu uses his teaching skills to effortlessly demonstrate change techniques from the stage and in conversation."

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Simon Lewis

"Amu is a charismatic trainer and speaker who takes his audience through a compelling journey of learning. He has a profound knowledge of his subject that is delivered insightfully, interspersed with stories of gripping personal experience. His infectious style leaves you wanting more."

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Ian Blinkho