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headerimage2How do we use language to consistently get the results we want?

This is the question that drives our influence programmes.

Mastering our communication models creates patterns of effectively yielding consistent results in our desired area. Imagine being able to be a force of influence in your environment, be it a powerful negotiator, an inspiring speaker or a skilled sales person or entrepreneur.

Perhaps you want to give your business the best chances of success, ensuring your ability to market yourself, acquire contacts, contracts or clients, perhaps you’re looking to mobilise and motivate you team, as a manager, leader or director, or perhaps you want to give your career trajectory the empowering injection it needs, to enhance your chances of success and develop the ability to excel and elevate within your company, field or industry.

We generate and structure communication models and strategies to explore the power of influence to create practical application, teaching you effective influence strategies to give you the tools and resources to meet your needs.

Covering a range of topics and tools, and expanding in detail and understanding, you will understand how we model great influencers and masters of persuasion, going behind the mystery and the magic, to learn the science behind the art, and make sense of the secrets.